Aromatic Relaxing Therapy Single Treatment
The potency of the natural aromatic is remarkable, at the same time just feel like the sense of touch, sense of smell, body, soul and spirit are having a natural therapy. The Aromatic Relaxing treatment able to restores a sense of calm and relaxation; provides anti oxidant and anti aging protection. Refreshing facial mask and aroma massage oil contains of natural herbal, lavender essence, palmarosa and grapefruit extract. It stimulates through massaging and facial mask which create a double reaction effects and the essential nutrients is rapidly penetrate into the face skin. Thus these will affable all signs of fatigue after a strenuous day and reduce depressing feeling. Furthermore, the facial mask contains of green tea and seaweed which have polifenols and the catequines are the best to resist the free radicals, increase the anti oxidant function, decelerate aging process and premature wrinkles. The facial mask contains additional essential vitamins, it helps accelerate skin metabolism, rejuvenate cell, improves skin color and eliminate of pigmented skin.

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      Thanks for your interest of Intenseplus product. The normal price of Aromatic Relaxing Therapy treatment is RM280. However, you can refer to our website contact list and directly contact our dealers which is nearby your area for asking their promotion price. Thank you.

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