Stamp Redemption Form

Stamp and Redemption Promotion 印花回馈大优惠
Collect Stamps and Redeem the Prizes 收集印花及回馈精品
1. Each product will receive one (1) redemption stamp. Redemption stamp can be found on
every syringe packing product.
2. Download the Stamp Redemption Form on Intenseplus website or Facebook page.
Print out and affix the stamps.
3. Collect the stamps to redeem your desired prize.
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2016 January 1st-31st

Ananas Exfoliating Gel
January 2016 Best Buy at ONLY RM70.50/tube (WM); RM77.50/tube (EM).
Purchase retail products RM250 in single receipt.

2015 December 1st-31st

Hydro Replenishing Face Mask (60 ml) or Sebo Control Mask (60ml)
December 2015 Best Buy at ONLY RM60.00/tube (WM); RM66.50/tube (EM).
Purchase retail products RM250 in single receipt.

2015 October 1st-31st

Anti Oxidant Refining Lotion (30 capsules)
October 2015 Best Buy at ONLY RM209.00/box (WM); RM214.00/box (EM).
Purchase retail products RM250 in single receipt.

2015 July 1st – 31st

Lucency Moist 3M (35ml) or Luminant Emulsion 3E
July 2015 Best Buy at ONLY RM105.00/tube (WM); RM116.00/tube (EM)
Purchase retail products RM250 in single receipt.

Aromatic Relaxing Therapy Treatment Set

Aromatic Relaxing Therapy Single Treatment
The potency of the natural aromatic is remarkable, at the same time just feel like the sense of touch, sense of smell, body, soul and spirit are having a natural therapy. The Aromatic Relaxing treatment able to restores a sense of calm and relaxation; provides anti oxidant and anti aging protection. Refreshing facial mask and aroma massage oil contains of natural herbal, lavender essence, palmarosa and grapefruit extract. It stimulates through massaging and facial mask which create a double reaction effects and the essential nutrients is rapidly penetrate into the face skin. Thus these will affable all signs of fatigue after a strenuous day and reduce depressing feeling. Furthermore, the facial mask contains of green tea and seaweed which have polifenols and the catequines are the best to resist the free radicals, increase the anti oxidant function, decelerate aging process and premature wrinkles. The facial mask contains additional essential vitamins, it helps accelerate skin metabolism, rejuvenate cell, improves skin color and eliminate of pigmented skin.

Suitable for:

Intelligence Biquadratic Equation (IBE) Therapy

Intelligence Biquadratic Equation (IBE) Therapy
Complete treatment with synergy formulation, will deeply penetrate skin layer by layer focus to restructure, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin from the inside out, transforming your skin tighter, brighter, younger and radiant looking.
Suitable for:
Equation 1 StemCellus Essence
3ml e 0.11 oz
Stem cells from the Switzerland
apple are said to
● Maintains the power of regeneration
● Restores natural energy
● Cell rejuvenate
● Protects longevity of skin stem cells
● Combats chronological aging and
decrease in wrinkles
Equation 4
Catalytic Mousse

Soapberry Extract with Subtilisin,
through ion catalytic mechanism,
to induce and form an elastic
soft mask film, closely paste on
every inch of skin, perfectly lock up
space for efficient essence to
penetrate the basis skin,
improve skin suppleness
and elasticity, firming & glowing!
Equation 2 Binano Cream 10ml e 0.36 oz
Precious Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Buttter have high concentrations of Phytosterols, effectively in skin repair and regeneration to provide immediate volume to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, creating a protective layer that keeps moisture in.

Equation 3 Genessence Powder
1.5gm e 0.10 oz
Rich marine energy, to waken up the activity of fibroblasts maintain the rich collagen and elasticity, keeps the skin structure integrity and smooth the wrinkles from in & out, effectively achieve skin firming result.

Visible Triple Action White Plus Set

Visible Triple Action (VTA) White Plus Set
(4 Treatments / box)This VTA White Plus Set is specifically formulated with contains only natural plants extracts known for the whitening enhancement. The association of the active ingredients helps to reduce the appearance of the dark spots on the skin and exfoliate the dead skin. Skin textures are more even, soft, luminous and radiance.Suitable for:
Soften, Whiten and fade dark spots.
This ultimately gives a brighter,
full radiance and luminous glow skin.

August 1st – 31st

Lucency Moist 3M (25ml) or Luminant Emulsion 3E (25ml) Best Buy at ONLY RM84.00/bottle (WM); RM86.50/bottle (EM) Purchase retail products RM 250 in single receipt.

Women Dating 2014

Date: 12th July 2014
Time : 11:30am – 4:00pm
Venue: Thai Thai Seafood Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

A Healthy Charm event which is organized by Innoskin Concept Sdn Bhd annually. The purpose of this event is to share about the healthy life and get in touch between dealers and customer. During this event, we are honored to invite Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) shares about the ‘Education and Awareness Programme’ and the famous Master Louis Loh Feng Shui Consultant shares about the ‘Face Reading and Feng Shui for Excellent Health’. We would like to thanks all the guest and participant who are attended and support this event.