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H2O Oxygen Cream 10ml
It consists of natural plant extracts that hydrates & nourishes the skin. It’s intense moisturising properties restore suppleness & elasticity to delicate skin. When press on skin, it helps the absorbtion of oxygen into the skin which will stimulates skin cells to generate and revitalized.
Beauty Neck Cream 10ml
It is highly successful in counteracting the fine lines and wrinkle problems that are such a problem around the neck area. This product works in two ways to firm and restructure both the upper and deeper skin layers. After 2 weeks of application on diferent levels of wrinkles, fine lines are decreased up to 45%.
Pro+ Emulsion 10ml
Pro+ Emulsion is a lusciously light and refreshing emulsion that refines, hydrates and repairs with its main active ingredient, Mandelic Acid, can accelerate the metabolism of dead skin, effectively remove black and white head and acne, improve rough skin, dull skin, open pores, and wrinkles. It also acne can be effectively treated. This unique formula also contains Component Plant Soothing Factor and Polyquaternium-51 can soothe skin irritation and retain skin hydration even in extreme conditions. Squalene can effectively gives the skin long-lasting moisture for long periods. It improve skin tone, texture, elasticity and firmness by resurfacing epidermis and removing aged layers.
Caviar Ocean Premium Cream 10ml
Caviar Ocean Premium Cream specially added with a cell reactivation function and regeneration extract from luxury Sturgeon’s caviar. It is a gift of nature produce the most precious skin vitality from luxurious ocean for skin.
It contains rich ingredients which nourish the skin, strengthen the skin vitality and regeneration, increase the skin's energy synthesis and vitality, promote cell metabolism, full aspect of anti-aging and prevent wrinkles formation.
Ananas Exfoliating Gel 10ml
Remove make up, dead skin cells and other impurities.
Double Natural Enzyme–
Ananas Sativus able to get rid the aging corneum and Subtilisin are promoting the metabolism-system which is non-irritate; and restore the skin elasticity. Multi Moisturizing Factor–Integrated with Sodium Hyaluronate, Ceramide and Polyquaternium -51 which enable to irrigate the skin and restore the suppleness. Natural Plant Extract–Contained of Cucumber Extract and Witch Hazel Extract which able to calm, weaken and increase the comfort level. Yarrow Extract infiltrated into the bottom layer of epidermis and strengthen the skin brightness.
Silky Eye Moist 5ml
Formulated with a high concentration of plant absorbed essence in micro spheres enables your skin of elastin & other cell activating essence that are able to stimulate, cellular tissues & improve the function for the end of blood vessel. It has a very distinctive effect on diminishing fine lines, replenishing moisture decreasing puffiness and black orbit shadow around the eyes.


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